Optimize Performance

Digital Fleet provides 100% cloud-based software for the construction material industry to monitor people, assets, and workflow. With a team of experts, we built our software directly into your operations, so everything flows seamlessly together. 

Truck & Workflow Optimization

Improve concrete and bulk material delivery by repeatedly being on time at the correct location. Enhance customer service and avoid waste with our easy to use turn-by-turn Google navigation system.

People Management

Our messaging system is the most effective communication platform on the market.  We make it easier than ever to manage your operation. We also provide real-time DVIR, reports, scheduling, and a whole lot more.

Analytics & DASHBOARDS


At Digital Fleet, we have a fundamental belief that data should be shared and we are willing to integrate with anyone, even a competitor. Your data is not locked inside Digital Fleet – we help you put it to use where you need it most.

Hardware & Sensors

  • Chassis/Engine Data
  • Digital Fleet+ Display
  • Water
    • Washout
    • Water Add
  • Slump
    • Charge
    • Discharge
  • Drum
    • Drum speed and direction
    • DF Sensor
    • Quad Sensor Integration

World-Class customer Support

  • World-Class Support via Phone or Email
  • 100% Cloud Based
  • Proactive System Monitoring
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Online Knowledge Base
  • Unlimited Web Users
  • Unlimited Drivers

We make enhancements weekly – here are our new feature highlights this month.
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Stop spending hours sending individual messages or tracking down emails for simple questions – instantly send a survey to your drivers’ tablet to get quick, organized answers. Create your own questions such as scheduling inquiries, upcoming events, new policies, and more. Watch the tutorial video here.

Verification Tool

Installing Digital Fleet+ Hardware is easier than ever with our new Verification Tool. This DigiTrack tool ensures that the components on the truck were installed correctly, eliminating guesswork. Providing instant feedback on errors and assisting with troubleshooting, our Verification Tool confirms a working system. Here is the complete Verification Tool guide to learn more.

Messaging pinning

Ensure every current and future truck on the order gets important information by pinning the message.

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