Driver Vehicle Inspection Report

Digital Fleets’ DVIR platform helps prioritize crucial issues and keeps your operations running at peak efficiency. 

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fast, efficient & customizable
Go Paperless
Ensure Your Fleet has maximum uptime


Our sleek design for DVIR lets drivers walkthrough inspection questions with ease. With the benefit of having no paper, all information instantly flows into the necessary departments allowing organized communication. With the option to customize components, tests, measurements, lists, and truck classes, no time is wasted on questions that don’t fit your operations. 

Admin Experience

This tutorial video shows how to create custom components, tests, and measurements for your drivers and learn how to organize them to best fit your operational needs.

maintenance issues Are organized by priority to ensure your fleet has maximum uptime.

Driver Experience

This tutorial video walks through the drivers’ experience. We explain how to sign off on a previous DVIR, pre-trips, send requirements for tests and components, modify progress, view past DVIR, and how to submit. 

Mechanic Experience

This tutorial video explains the mechanics view for DVIR. We show how the information is organzine, what the mechanic can do with it, and a summary of the DVIR progress.

experience the difference.