Streamline your Ready-Mix operation with paperless tickets using our E-Ticketing feature. Confirm ticket details on the job site with instant email or SMS. All while staying organized with our modern layout and simple to use features. Everything is fully integrated with our Digital Fleet software, creating a seamless experience.

Delivery Confirmation
Seamless Experience
with Digital Fleet+
Save Time & Money

Instantly Confirm Ticket Details on The Job site

Go Paperless

Get paperless tickets using our sleek design, that lets drivers edit with ease. With the benefit of not using paper tickets, information can instantly be sent to the necessary people. It’s simple for drivers to add notes, QC data & adjustments, making sure only relevant information is shared and keeps drivers focused on the task at hand.


Everything is fully integrated into our Digital Fleet software, including Digital Fleet+ Hardware & Sensors, creating a seamless experience. After the driver is finished with the ticket, a PDF file is sent confirming ticket details. Details displayed on the ticket are customizable and syncs with Digital Fleet data.

Fully Integrated with Digital Fleet+ Hardware & Sensors

Digital Fleet is proud to be members of the E-Ticketing Task Force. We support and help their mission to educate and facilitate a national discussion to transition to E-Ticketing in the construction materials industry for both transportation agencies and the private sector.

experience the difference.