How do you make Digital Fleet even better?

Integrate it with the applications you already use.

At Digital Fleet, we have a fundamental belief that data should be shared and we are willing to integrate with anyone, even a competitor. Your data is not locked inside Digital Fleet – we help you put it to use where you need it most. Here are the companies we already integrate with and if you want to add a company to that list, just let us know.



Cameras & Voice

Driver Management & Retention

Quality & Maintenance


Scheduling, Time & Pay


At Digital Fleet, we will let you put any third party android app on the driver tablet. 


At Digital Fleet, all of your data is yours. With our API functionality, we provide you access to all of your data and let you use it however you want. If you want to pull your data into your data warehouse, your back office or directly with a third party, that is all available to you.

experience the difference.